Hippodrome Du Parc De Beyrouth


ميدان سباق بارك بيروت




Horses and horseracing in Lebanon have a long-standing tradition of excellence. The Tyre hippodrome, still well preserved, was one of the largest and most impressive of the ancient Roman Empire rivaling Olympia 's own.

The old Roman hippodrome of Beirut has disappeared, but relics of its glorious past are exposed in the Beirut National Museum


The Beirut Hippodrome founded in 1885 at Beir Hassan a suburb of Beirut , was moved in 1918 to the "Forêt des Pins"- Pine Forest of Beirut. It is at the Résidence des Pins that General Gouraud proclaimed the "Grand Liban" in 1920.

The grounds and all the racing set-ups is the property of the Municipality of Beirut , and is managed by a nonprofit organization SPARCA "Society for the Protection and Improvement of the Arabian Horse in Lebanon ".

The devotion of a group of Arabian horse enthusiasts assures its continuity and welfare as well as its place in history and sports


The Arabian horse is a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

Since the end of the 19 th century, prominent Lebanese devotees held a passion for this noble animal and nurtured the sport of racing.

They toured the Syrian Desert , despite all hardships, in order to select the most beautiful and able horses for their own studs.

Today, this passion for the Arabian horse is shared worldwide, and competition is the underlying motive for breeding. The Hippodrome of Beirut was conceived for the continuity of the Arabian horse, and its sandy racetrack proved throughout the years, to be a good test for the Arabian horse's speed and stamina